One week after a sign language interpreter died suddenly, a few of her co-workers spent Sunday afternoon raising money for her family.

Jeni Spurlock Fredricks worked at Bryan Station Middle School. She died last Sunday of Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome; a rare, life-threatening complication of certain bacterial infections.

On Sunday, some of those she worked with served as guest bartenders at Lexington’s “Cocktails Bar and Grill” in an effort to raise money for Jeni’s husband and two young children.

“She started with us in August, so I’ve known her since then, and her personality was amazing. She could light up a room with her smile, she had the best laugh, I mean she made such an impact on all of us on such a short amount of time, she was inspirational,” said co-worker Kristin Kelley.

There were less than 350 cases of TSS in 2015.

Tips and donations, plus an additional amount from the restaurant, will be given to the family.